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I'm Dannielle, the face behind the moon 

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself & let you all know who is making your crystal creations.

I'm a Capricorn sun, although I resonate a lot more with Aquarius as I was born right on the cusp of the two signs (literally on the last minute) I'm also Sagittarius moon & Gemini rising. I am obsessed with the moon, astrology & trees (yes I hug them).

When I was a kid I had a subscription to a magazine called "Mind, body & soul" & every 2 weeks I would skip down to the little shop in my hometown, pick up my magazine & run home to see what new magic was inside. I had quite the collection of crystals & tarot cards  I would set up shop outside my house & tell my friends their fortune. 

I'm an introvert with extrovert tendencies I like my space & quiet time but I also like a good party. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers  are the best band in the whole world & I will never think otherwise  Your crystal creations have most definitely been blessed with the amazing guitar riffs of John Frusciante.

I have two little moons  and a doggo named Luna  who doesn't understand personal space & would probably sit in your eye socket if possible  anyone who knows her can vouch for this.


"Mother Moon was created out of my own search for crystal jewellery & I spent most of 2021 working with beautiful stones & their magic. I had the best time learning new skills, working with crystals I'd not heard of before & connecting with so many other crystal enthusiasts."



Mother Moon Crystals & Co was founded through passion. A passion for crystals and a desire to understand their healing properties. To some crystals are just "rocks" but to many of us, crystals are a healing tool, a reminder of strength and confidence, a way of protecting and grounding ones self. The benefits are plentiful and one of the bonuses is they're so beautiful to look at.

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